Transfer Systems

Our sophisticated transfer systems - tested in our own production and proven over years.
Blank loading system with conveyor and feeder


Innovative solutions for a highly efficient operation of your production plants.

Our press room automation for sheet metal forming

Our transfer systems are typically used to manufacture small and medium sized parts in the
- automotive industry
- electronics manufacturing
- Furniture & fittings industry.

In combination with transfer dies, our walking beam transfers are used in forming presses with
- bolster length up to 5500mm
- Stroke rates up to 80 1 / min

The performance of our transfer systems when used in high-speed presses is almost legendary
- bolster length up to 1500 mm
- Stroke rates up to 300 1 / min

Each of our transfer systems comes with a customized copy of our Stroke Rate Optimizing software which helps optimize your die designs, check die designs for potential interference to avoid costly collisions and helps present designs with Digital Twin like simulation of complete production cycles.

Of course, we also supply the appropriate other press automation for the transfer system:
-- Blank loader with fanning magnets,
-- Blank dies with quick-change die,
-- tailor-made die cushions,
-- Conveyor belts and destackers,
-- transfer bars and fingers or turning gripper and more ...

Sander Automation transfer devices are suitable for medium and high volume production with all presses.

The project-specific design of your Sander transfer device guarantees optimal processes for feeding, forming and stacking.

In addition, with the minimalist design of the Sander Transfers, you benefit from an unrestricted press room.

The dynamic and precise drive technology with vibration-damped movements ensures very high productivity.

The guaranteed repeat accuracy of +/- 0.1mm and available mechanical or electrical overload protection are the basis for maximum productivity.