Discharge Belt

Our discharge belt conveys machined parts from various presses and punch presses to the transfer position or packaging and final inspection.
The discharge belt is, e.g., integrated into the transfer control and can be adjusted flexibly and individually to meet customer requirements.

Drawing Cushion

Passive, pneumatic single and multi-stage drawing cushions as additional functional axis for punching, bending and forming tools in the transfer assembly. We offer standardized and customized solutions!
Built individually based on customer requests and according to customer requirements and customized to the respective stage distance with or without scrap discharge hole.
We produce high cycle rates and service life thanks to precise manufacturing with honed cylinders.


The feeder connects the blank feed or the blanking station with the transfer system. Depending on the application, the feeder can be equipped with additional functional units. Products can be detected, for example, via a camera and rotated and positioned precisely for further processing depending on the position.

Blank Loader / Press Feeding

Various systems and concepts are available for feeding sheet metal presses. The demand is equally versatile and individual. Accordingly, we have designed our blank loader and our fully automated press feeding that destacks and separates blanks from various transport equipment and feeds them into the press. The individual functional units such as load carrier transport, magazine unloading, and destacking unit as well as interim buffering and singling can be compiled individually depending on customer requirements and the degree of automation. As a result, a flexible design is possible from the simplest destacking and feed through to the fully automated cell. More details in our product flyer

Blank Pick & Place Unit

Blank pick & place units pick up the round blanks or blanks out of the blanking stations and transport them to the individual transfer positions.
Depending on the application and stroke rates, the blank pick & place unit can be realized in different control options.
The simplest most effective version is the direct integration into our blanking station. The round blanks or blanks are transported directly downwards using integrated functionality.
For applications without direct connection to the blanking station or in case higher stroke rates are required, there is the option to control the blank pick & place unit pneumatically up to approx. 60 1/min and via a servo motor up to approx. 150 1/min.

The blank pick & place unit transfers the round blanks or blanks to a feeder that takes over the transport and positioning into the press.

Blanking Station

Blanking stations are generally used as universal blanking stations. There are typically variations in the blank diameters or blank dimensions. Blanking stations are tailored to customer requests. Based on our many years of experience in production and taking into account the state of the art technology, we design and manufacture individual solutions.

The newest blanking stations are based on changing magazines. This technology allows the blanking stations to remain in the press. The blanking plate, stripper plate and cutting punch are installed or removed as a single change magazine.

You can find technical data as well as the possible options and operation modes in the product flyer.

Metering Conveyor Belt

Our metering conveyor belt ensures the documented transport of the parts out of the presses into the containers. It is independently programmable and has a pneumatic switch for distribution in various directions and containers. The metering conveyor belt can either be connected via the existing controller, e.g., for transfer, or operated as a standalone system. For documentation purposes, a BDE interface via Ethernet or Profibus can be established.

You can find technical data as well as the possible options and operation modes in the product flyer.

Hydraulic Coupling

The HK hydraulic gripper rail coupling is used for the automatic coupling of gripper rails in punch and forming presses in sheet metal and solid forming. Only a vertical lifting stroke of 8 mm is necessary for a fully automated tool change. This reduces the set-up times and enables greater flexibility in regards to small batch sizes.

You can find technical data as well as the possible options and operation modes in the product flyer.