Transfer Systems

Our sophisticated transfer systems - tested in our own production and proven over years.
Automatic billet loader for warm forging


Innovative solutions for a highly efficient operation of your production plants.

Press automation products for forging operations


Our freely programmable transfer systems are mostly used to manufacture parts for the
-- Automotive industry
-- Household Appliances industry
-- Building Materials industry

Our in-press and through-the-window transfer systems can achieve the following performance
-- Forging with stroke rates up to 60 1/min
-- Semi-hot forming and hot forming with up to 80 SPM
-- Impact extrusion / cold forming with up to 60 strokes per minute

How we achieve this performance?
Each of our servo transfers comes with a customized version of our Stroke Rate Optimization Software, which allows you to perfect the performance of your transfer press line. With the software you can directly evaluate your die designs for interference, when it is still possible to influence cost effective change. Typically you can achieve output improvements of 15 to 20 percent, so the software helps with both new tool builds, as well as current transfer press production.

In addition to our forging transfer systems, we supply aditional forging press automation.
-- intelligent conveyor technology that ensures accurate delivery to your customers.
-- a loading station for reliable feeding of billets.
-- hydraulic couplings for automatic gripper rail change.

What other benefits can you count on:
-- The enclosed drive units of our transfer systems are specially designed for forging operations.
Our patented design guarantees high uptime despite the permanent presence of scale, lubricants and forging temperatures.

-- Our spare parts strategy focuses on economy and long term availability and forms the basis of an excellent overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

-- The design of our transfer allows for easy die access and plenty space to add a loading station which passes automatically billets, blooms or slugs to the transfer press.

-- Specially manufactured guides guarantee an excellent accuracy and repeatability of +/-0.1mm and thus excellent transport quality.

-- The drive technology of the Sander transfer systems are designed for fast, precise and dynamic movements. Typically this results in 15-30% higher productivity than other similar servo transfer systems on the market.