We are your reliable partner with experience and competence in press service. Our service team provides expert advice and organises direct on-site support.

You can reach us in Europe ( +49 7843 705 1382)
and in North America ( +1 705 737 5254).

Repair Service

Our service technicians will be at your site within 24 hours, depending on the location, and will support you in repairing and recommissioning your system.

Your advantages:
  • Quick localization of the reason for the failure and efficient troubleshooting
  • Pick-up of the required spare parts by our service technicians
  • Long-term increase in price stability
  • 12 months warranty on the repair work carried out

Service Call

Telephone service (Service Helpdesk)
In the event of a system shut-down, our highly qualified service technicians are available to advise you at any time.

Remote Service
If required, our service technicians can connect to your system via TeamViewer. Up to 80% of faults can be quickly localised and efficiently rectified by reading out the recorded fault data.

Augmented Reality Service (data glasses)
The use of Augmented Reality glasses is also possible. They allow secure bidirectional communication with live image and sound. For you, that means: 70 % less traveling, 40 % reduced service costs.

Your advantages:
  • Reduced downtimes
  • Increase in system availability
  • Up to 4 hours free of charge

Rental Equipment & Spare Parts

In the event of damage, we guarantee an optimum availability of the standard spare parts within a few hours. We have access to approx. 25,000 spare parts worldwide.
We also offer repairing the original spare part. If necessary, we will provide you with a loan unit to bridge repair time.

Your advantages:
  • National dispatch of common spare parts within a few hours (depending on location)
  • International dispatch of common spare parts within a few days (if desired, incl. customs clearance)
  • Software parameters programmed at Sander (Plug and Play)
  • Original spare parts incl. 12 months warranty, reconditioned spare parts incl. 6 months warranty
  • Cheap spare part repairs
  • Free loan units (e.g. for analysis purposes if the error pattern is difficult to define)

Maintenance & Inspection

Each system is inspected and maintained based on a specifically developed inspection and maintenance protocol. This enables any possible disruptive factors to be detected at an early stage before they cause an unscheduled system failure.

Your advantages:
  • Long-term increase in system availability
  • Plannable system failure within the specified maintenance intervals
  • Increase of process stability
  • Maintenance contracts specifically tailored to your needs possible


Operator Training
We offer individually tailored training for your machine operators in their own working environment. The briefing takes place in small groups (max. 6 participants) by our experienced specialists. Thus, your employees are well equipped with the necessary knowledge for optimum production with rapid fault diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Maintenance Training - Electrical
Make your skilled workers fit for the constantly increasing requirements in the maintenance of transfer devices. Our training ensures continuous production and a high quality level of your products. The small group size of our trainings (max. 6 participants) guarantees optimal learning success.

Stroke Number Optimization Program
We impart a broad knowledge of the technology of collision investigation of transfer tools and their use in presses and servo presses. Always in focus: Reducing costs and increasing performance.


Modernise your control and drive components. Keep your system state of the art and minimize your maintenance and repair costs.

Your advantages:
  • New control and drive components with a warranty of up to 24 months
  • Reduction of maintenance and repair costs
  • Increase in system availability
  • Increase in output