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For over 40 years, Sander Automation GmbH has supplied transfer systems and automation solutions for a wide range of applications in the sheet metal and solid forming industry. Founded as a specialty branch within Sander Umformtechnik, the division has developed very quickly into a technology company within the field of forming technology.

  • Management

    Nicolas Erdrich

    "It is the enthusiasm for the small things that is driving us."


Sander Automation develops the fully programmable NGT Transfer series. The products aim to reduce Total Cost of Ownership by 20% and Industry 4.0 features become a standard feature.
Sander Automation newly develops the patented DSTG series. Thus, the number of strokes with the same gripper rail profiles increases by approx. 50%.
The company moves into a new office building and its new production hall in Renchen-Ulm, directly next to the parent company Erdrich Umformtechnik.
The transfer system THGV for use on smaller and faster running presses is newly developed and is used for double-column presses and C-frame presses in a stroke range of up to 200 1/min.
Sander Automation opens its operation in North America as an independent company. The company's loyal customers include Magna, P&F, Multimatic, Inmetmatic, PWO, ABM, and Commercial Spring.
The transfer system of the HST series designed for larger presses (bed sizes 4000 mm) is developed. This system is also ideal for retrofitting older presses with small side distances between uprights.
Sander Automation operates as an independent company and moves into the new production facilities in Renchen.
More than 60 NC-transfer systems for both sheet metal and hot or warm forming are delivered.
The newly developed and patented Sander NC-transfer system with swing arm technology is in great demand.
Additional systems for solid forming are developed and manufactured. Now, all special demands for the warm and hot forming are taken into account.
For the first time, small systems with a medium number of strokes up to 100 1/min are developed and manufactured in the parent company “Sander Umformtechnik” in Renchen-Ulm. These systems are used almost solely for sheet metal forming.