The best transfer systems for all cases

Sander Automation has been setting standards in automation around the press for over 40 years
In the late 1990’s Sander Automation introduced its NC controlled transfer devices, which were characterized by robustness and versatility for every application from sheet metal and hot forming.

Enclosed drives and the double swing concept for added rigidity of the gripper rails and improved transport quality coupled with fully press-synchronous movements provide optimum throughput for medium and high volume production.

The new NGT series transfer systems are based on the well-known quality and functions and optimize them in terms of overall equipment effectiveness (GAE) and Industry 4.0 capability.

For details and how you can benefit from our NGT series check our product flyer.

The mechanics are designed for the most economical operation. This is ensured by the new maintenance-oriented design as well as Sander's promise that all spare parts for all devices are available within 24 hours in Europe, North America and China.
Beyond that, the NGT system focuses on productivity and availability. Additionally to the proven drive technology from Bosch-Rexroth and Beckhoff controls, Sander NGT systems offer smart overload elements that enable a quick restart in the event of a crash.

Industry 4.0 mainly takes place at the control level.
A freely usable virtual cam controller provides up to 32 inputs/outputs to use traveling sensors and drives.
The limits of mechanical stiffness are extended with active vibration compensation and dynamic overload protection.

Predictive maintenance strategies support the Sander Automation systems via OPC/UA interface and an integrated dashboard shows performance and maintenance data at a glance.

Last but not least, Sander Automation supplies Throughput Optimization Software with each new NGT series at no extra costs.
This tool determines the throughput-optimized interaction of press, tool and transfer for every possible application during the design phase.
At the same time this software also calculates the motion data to enable virtual commissioning on the basis of Digital Twins.


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