In-house exhibition March 2024

Stacking system for roll-formed profiles (scaffolding decks)
We are proud to present an automatic stacking system for profiles that will be delivered and put into operation in the coming weeks. The system will be delivered to the leading manufacturer of system scaffolding in Swabia and will be used for stacking steel decks for scaffolding. The SANDER profile stacking system can stack up to 25 parts per minute. The scaffold decks are up to 4,500 mm long and weigh up to 32 kg. Up to 90 decks are nested and stacked in pairs. These stacks are then strapped and prepared for removal by forklift truck. All fully automated, of course.

Numerous visitors accepted our invitation, including of course some well-known roll formers and roll forming machine manufacturers.
In general, they were very impressed with the execution by SANDER Automation. We are proud and delighted with the consistently positive feedback.

Tens of tons per shift, non-stop and extremely fast...
Anyone who knows roll forming plants will be familiar with the vast quantities of profiles that are still often removed and stacked manually by workers. This is not only extremely stressful for the workers, but also dangerous. Due to the increasing shortage of available employees, there is also a real bottleneck here.

In many cases, it is therefore more economical to invest in automation at this point!
We would be happy to look at and discuss with you whether this makes sense for your portfolio or not. We look forward to hearing from you!


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